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    Most fire starts from the Kitchen Equipment left dirty, the black build up around area of the equipment can increase fire hazard.

    Keeping the kitchen equipment´s clean will help working area safe and hygienic, to maintain control of the kitchen environment from odour and pest.

    Our trained canopy cleaning Melbourne technicians can clean dirty kitchen equipment. (We clean Ovens, Stove-top, Char-grill, Flat top grill, Wok burners and your Workstations). Including Splashback walls.

    Say Good-bye to dirty kitchen following the best Kitchen Cleaning Practices

    Running a restaurant or some commercial kitchen, the health and safety of your patrons is entirely based on cleanliness. There is a need for kitchen equipment cleaning Melbourne service to keep kitchen equipment clean. Cleaning restaurant equipment or restaurant cleaning includes following best practices of sanitizing and cleaning the kitchen equipment and kitchen tools. The management should engage in practices as a cleaning schedule by outlining it weekly, daily, and monthly.

    Cleaning a restaurant kitchen including kitchen equipment cleaning Melbourne service is essential and you get to have a sparkling clean operation on following the commercial maintenance tips in a kitchen and the restaurant cleaning procedures.

    Cleaning of Inceptors, Grease Traps, and Kitchen Exhaust

    The grease- traps under the sink and inceptors cleaning should be done every week so that things run efficiently. Routine cleaning helps prevent sewer line plugging. If the grease machines are full by 50 percent on cleaning weekly, this frequency of cleaning must be increased for sanitation and safety. Backing up sewer lines can cause a health hazard. Thus, regular cleaning prevents grease blockages and also averts other expenses, minimizing the repair costs.

    The kitchen exhaust in the restaurant kitchen features filters to be cleaned routinely. It helps in preventing oil and grease from entering and escaping the drain system and also is a safety measure against kitchen fires.

    Cleaning of Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment

    The preferred material in most commercial kitchen equipment is the stainless steel. The stainless steel is not focusing aesthetics alone, but the fact is that it is bacteria-resistant. To keep stainless steel kitchen equipment and tools in good condition is possible by using a mild detergent and a wet cloth to wipe and clean in the finish direction.

    In case, the water and detergent is not enough for the baked-on grease, use a commercial cream cleaner or baking soda. Rinse the surface and immediately dry it to prevent contamination.

    Cleaning Restaurant Kitchen Floors

    The restaurant kitchen floors are commonly dirty owing to the busyness. This includes dropped food that causes germs as small droplets and affects the quality of food. The next is the employee shoes tracking dirt into food-prep areas, walk-in refrigerators, resulting in cross-contamination. Dirty floors are a trip-and-fall hazard, besides being a public health threat as they can cause food-borne illnesses. Only plain mopping is insufficient.

    There is a need for a floor cleaning system to suck the dirty liquid and to scrub the floor. This is a real investment for a restaurant kitchen to ensure overall well-being.

    Why its important

    Lower health risks and increase inspection ratings
    Reduce downtime and emergency equipment repairs
    Decrease your risk of fire
    High quality end product and consistency
    Maintain compliance and lower insurance rate
    Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Melbourne

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