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    Following the maintenance tips of Cool room clean ensures longevity

    A restaurant of any food business operation may consider a cold room as a vital component. The mold growth is the last thing you want to see on the ceiling or the walls of the cold room. Of course, you do not wish it to spread on the food. In case the cold room is prone to mould growth, a few things can remove it. Here are a few ways to prevent mold growth and to consider ideas to keep Cool room clean.

    Every cold room must be maintained properly in order to function properly. A very important factor is cleanness is crucial for healthy and perfect foods in cold storage. However, for cold room best efficiency, the refrigeration system must be maintained at all times. The required or desired temperatures should be maintained to get the cold room’s best performance and the compressor must be properly cleaned so that the pipes do not get blocked.

    The refrigeration systems condenser, fans, and evaporators need repeated cleaning to ascertain efficiency, perfection, and functional performance. There is a need to consider performing maintenance checks daily, monthly, quarterly, and on annual basis.

    Maintaining of cold room

    Check for oil leakage from your compressors regularly.
    Never forget to check cold room Freon levels.
    Check for ice on the cold room evaporators
    Check the secondary systems head pressure
    Note the temperature down to ascertain foods health.

    Perform the following as monthly routine of your cold room to maintain efficiency

    Clean the evaporator casing, evaporator, and the cooler fans
    Clean the condenser coils
    Check the cooling
    The refrigerant levels working condition must be checked perfectly
    Check to know the working condition of control valves
    Check to know the defrosting system and its functionality
    Calibrate the cold rooms temperature
    Ascertain the working of the refrigerated system and do a functional test

    Mould growth is due to the moisture in the air. The warmer air entering the cold room forms condensation on the walls. This permits mould to grow. This may be due to some damaged or cracked sealing, which allows humid, warm air into the cold room.

    The best way of managing the mold is to stop it from starting and so assure:

    Regular inspection of the cold room for its tight seal is important.
    Look closely to find cracks or leaks in the insulation.
    Keep it clean, paper free, and avoid wood shelving.

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